Our Vision, Mission & Values

The Office of the Ombudsman also Samoa’s National Human Rights Institution provides advice to the general public on matters relating to good governance and investigate practices of maladministration of government agencies. It also carries out research and conducts activities in the promotion and protection of human rights in Samoa and conducts investigations concerning the abuse of power by enforcement agencies.

"Integrity in governance and respect
for human rights "
Our Vision

Our Mission

providing effective, timely and independent complaints resolution services on matters of maladministration and misuse of authority by prescribed disciplinary forces
empowering all people to understand and exercise their human rights and responsibilities
holding government accountable to good governance and human rights standards and obligations
building and strengthening partnerships that encourages action on good governance and human rights

Our Services

The Good Governance function of the Office is to foster good administration within Government ministries and agencies to the satisfaction of the stakeholders, the people of Samoa.

The Human Rights Unit functions to bridge the “protection gap” between the rights of individuals and responsibilities of the State.


The Special Investigations Unit functions to address misconduct in agencies exercising the coercive powers of the state (i.e. the Police, Prisons and other disciplined forces)


The Engagement and Communications Unit support the overall engagement and communication of the Office to its partners, stakeholders and the public.


The Corporate Services Unit its tasked with the daily management and support of all Office Operations in administration, finance and human resources.

HDM SPREP Climate Change

A high-level dialogue with relevant Government Ministries today on the right to a clean and healthy environment with the theme “Advancing a human rights-based approach to climate actions”.

Press Release - 12 April 2023
Deputy OMB and British High Com

The newly appointed British High Commissioner to Samoa, His Exellency Mr Gareth Keith Hoar visited our Office

Press Release - 28 July 2023
Brown Girl Woke & NHRI

The NHRI upon invitation by our local femanist NGO Brown Girl Woke conducted a human rights training as part of its year long Youth Advocacy Project. The aim of the Youth Advocacy Project is to empower and inspire youth to advocate for their human rights.

Press Release - 28 July 2023

New Zealand Office of the Ombudsman Visits Samoa

Press Release - 08 September 2023

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