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The Office launches a first of its kind Talanoa Toolkit for Village-Based Advocates Against Family Violence
Setting up a Village Family Safety Committee Guide released
“COVID-19 and human rights: the case of Samoa” Report submitted to Parliament
Children and Young People in Samoa weigh in on human rights issues affecting them
Covid-19 preparedness, prevention and control in places of detention assessment report published
Office engages with the UN CESCR to consult on new General Comment
Preparedness, Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Assessment of places of detention
Ombudsman makes intervention at the 49th Human Rights Council session during the adoption of Samoa’s 3rd UPR outcome
Ombudsman holds community consultations on the impacts of COVID-19 on rights and freedoms for its Status of Human Rights Report 2022 – 17 March 2022
CSOs begin groundwork in preparation for UPR 2026 – 24 February 2022
Submissions for COVID-19 & human rights report 2022 still open – 3 February 2022
Samoa commemorates human rights day 2021- 10 December 2021
Ombudsman Office hosts its first dialogue on good governance and human rights in Samoa- 9 December 2021
Informed and Empowered Citizens: The status of freedom of opinion and expression in Samoa – 12 November 2021
Samoa National Human Rights Institution re-accredited with ‘A status’- 4 November 2021
“Open Access” and “Access to Information” Awareness Raising Workshop for Public Servants – 27 October 2021
High-level dialogue on access to information in the public administration context- 13 October 2021
Respect for democratic values and principles and human rights – 31 May 2021
Freedom of speech, opinion and expression awareness and consultations underway – 1 April 2021
Citizens right to free and fair elections – 1 March 2021
Civil Society Organizations prepare for 3rd UPR Reporting for Samoa – 12 February 2021
Ombudsman Office NHRI Samoa celebrates Human Rights Day 2020 – 10 December 2020
Village Family Safety Committee Work plans launched for 3 villages in Upolu – 24 November 2020
3 Village Family Safety Committee’s in Savaii launch their 3 year work plans – 16 November 2020
The Ombudsman promotes proactive engagement with Parliamentarians in the realization and protection of human rights in Samoa – 11 September 2020
Disentangling beliefs about freedom of opinion/ expression – 29 July 2020
Unpacking myths and facts about sexual violence – 9 July 2020
Ombudsman Q+A with the Samoa Observer regarding George Floyd and relevance to Samoa – 5 June 2020